Fish School

Fish make wonderful pets, and are much easier to care for than you might think.  In fact, you can care for your fish tank in less time than it takes to walk your dog every day!  Now you can learn all about fish care from the experts.  Take the Aquarium Industries free training courses today.

Oz-Pet – The ODOURfree Litter Company

Oz Pet ODOURfree Litter is an Australian made wood pet litter that naturally neutralises odour…it really does stop the pee pong!! It is manufactured from waste plantation material that would otherwise be destined for landfill or burned. It can be used safely in the compost or even used as garden mulch as it is 100% … Rest of Post

Fleas Love Summer

Fleas love summer – humidity and warmer temperatures create the perfect setting for fleas to flourish – and trigger an outbreak in your home. The adult fleas you can see on your pet represent only 5% of the total flea population.  The other 95% lurk in the pet’s home environment as eggs, larvae and pupae, … Rest of Post

Australian Trends – Dogs

Current Australian trends for Dogs show that overall, our dog population is decreasing. 78% of dogs are desexed and 50% are pure breed.  With the advent of high density housing, smaller dogs are becoming more popular. 44% of dogs are walked daily and overall Australian dogs spend more time outside due to our lovely warm … Rest of Post

Fleas love summer

The days are still fairly chilly, but before we know it Spring and Summer will be upon us. With the advent of the warmer seasons and wet periods, it’s time to ensure our pets are properly protected from ticks. Parts of the country have experienced higher temperatures and longer wet periods throughout winter, and experts … Rest of Post

Joint Problems in Dogs and Cats

Get Your Pet Active Again with PAW Natural Joint Care. Find out more about joint care for your pet from PAW – natural joint care fromBlackmoresAnimal Health. The Problem – Arthritis in Dogs and Cats It is estimated that 20-30% of adult dogs and 10-20% of adult cats suffer from Osteoarthritis. The Solution – PAW … Rest of Post

Beneficial Effects of Pet Ownership

Most of us are familiar with the great joy that pets bring to our lives. A stressful day melts away as your dog excitedly greets you at the front door, or your cat curls up on your lap for a cuddle. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that owning a pet can lead to so … Rest of Post

Choozy Pet Beds

When all members of the family are tucked up in a warm bed you can sleep easy! On these freezing nights and cold days your pet deserves to be kept in a warm environment. Choozy  has been striving to achieve this for over 25 years now and have been producing Australian Made pet beds in … Rest of Post

Different Breeds Have Different Needs

We all know the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating. The same applies for your best friend. Whether you have a Chihuahua that sits in your handbag or a Labrador that takes you for a walk, Royal Canin has a breed specific diet to suit their needs. The whole Breed Health Nutrition range … Rest of Post